mardi 2 septembre 2014

What if all of your problems are just memories?

Newsletter de Hale Dwoskin de la méthode Sedona (works wonders for me).

I'd like to challenge you to explore this question for yourself with one of your most cherished problems - that is, the one you think about a good deal of the time - and at least entertain the possibility that it is just a memory. 
The reason that problems appear to persist through time is that whenever they are not here in this moment, we go looking for them. That's right; we actually seek out our problems. 
This means we filter our experiences based on the belief that we have a particular problem and, here's the kicker, we unconsciously censor anything that does not support the belief that we have this problem, including the fact that the problem is not actually here now. 
For example, you may say, "See, I knew it. I never [fill in the blank]," or, "I always [fill in the blank]." For example, "I always mess up when there are people listening." Or, "I never know what to say to him." (This is a clue: when we use words like "I never" or "I always," we tend to grossly exaggerate the frequency that something is actually occurring because of our emotional attachment and miss the fact that the problem is not even here now.) This habit of filtering for our problems simply reinforces them and causes us to suffer. 
Try this exercise right now:
  1. Think of a problem.
  1. Now, ask yourself this question: "Could I allow myself to remember how I used to believe I had this problem?" This shift in consciousness may make you laugh, it may make you tingle inside or it may simply open the possibility in your awareness that yes, even this is just a memory.
  1. Then ask yourself: "Would I like to change that from the past?" If the answer is yes, ask yourself: "Could I let go of wanting to change that from the past?" Now, this may seem counterintuitive, but when you want something, you are holding in mind that you do not have it. In other words, want equals lack. And the feeling of desire actually keeps what you want at bay. Check it out for yourself. Would you rather want a million dollars in the bank, or would you rather have it? Would you rather want to change your problem from the past, or would you rather change it? Now let go as best you can.
  1. Ask yourself: "Just for now, could I let go of wanting to believe I have that problem again?" And then do your best to let it go.
If there's still some clinging to the memory of the problem in this moment, then repeat the steps from the beginning until you can fully let go. 
The next time you find yourself feeling challenged try this exercise with yourself. It will help you leave your problems where they belong, in the past, and open up your perception to the fresh new slate that exists for you, right now, in this moment.
When you use this simple but powerful process, I promise you the results will surprise and delight you. I have seen just this one process quickly and easily free people from painful, long-standing problems, problems that had been part of a person's experience for decades. 
We will explore this concept even further, as well as similar ideas, at the upcoming September Retreat. I hope that you will join me! 
For more information on the retreat, please visit this page: 

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