mercredi 3 septembre 2014

Et si vous vous mentiez à vous-même?

Dans une récente newsletter, Hale Dwoskin traite de la résistance et des idées qu'on tente de dissimuler. Ça m'arrive souvent, ça vous arrive aussi. On n'a pas envie de faire quelque chose. On remet un truc à plus tard, etc.

On passe notre temps à vouloir fuir des obligations au lieu de simplement les accepter, les accueillir...

Bonne lecture!

Anytime you're "shoulding" on yourself for telling yourself you must do something, or you have to do something, then you're lying to yourself. 
I'm not suggesting that you abdicate from your responsibilities in life. It's the exact opposite.
When we feel like we have to do something, or we should do something, or we must do something, we resist it. 
We don't want to do it. 
And so we're at war over the simple things. Some of us wake up in the morning and because we should get out of bed, we don't want to. 
You may have even felt that way this morning. Or, have you ever felt really angry just because the alarm went off? And you're the one who set it the night before. And you're really angry at the clock. A lot of us are experiencing that throughout the day, every day, because we're resisting what is. 
Instead of just simply allowing what is to be, instead of simply embracing life, we're fighting life. We're at war with life. We're saying 'no' to what is as though it's going to change. 
But if you haven't noticed yet, the universe doesn't really care what you want. Now, I know you may believe that the universe is very interested in you. That's how most of us live. We live as though we're the center of the universe, as though the universe actually cares about us and who we are. But what you'll discover as you let go is, while the universe certainly isn't hostile, it's also not apart from you. So it's not something that you need to manipulate all your waking hours. 
Most of us, from the moment we wake up in the morning to when we go to bed at night, we're busy pushing and shoving against the world. 
And you wonder why we're exhausted. 
But again, it doesn't need to be that way. We all have this possibility right here, right now, to be free of all of that. 
-- Hale Dwoskin

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