vendredi 26 septembre 2014

Le sabotage et les croyances

Hale Dwoskin envoie une newsletter tous les mois. Voici un extrait qui m'aide beaucoup:

Dear Hale,
I used to (a fraction of a second ago) have some beliefs (fear, sabotage). I could not let go of those beliefs, or they always came back. They mostly came back after I got some big releases on something else, and those releases on something else produced a vacuum attracting again sabotage or fear.
Thanks for your love and for your presence.
And here’s my response... 
Dear Jean-Yves,
When you release it opens the door for greater peace and understanding. What you are interpreting as a vacuum is in fact the result from that opening for more feelings to arise which you can, of course, let go of as well.
Here is a process that can help:
"In this moment, could you welcome your belief or pattern of sabotaging yourself?"
"Could you welcome all the thoughts and feelings that arise with that belief?"
"Can you also welcome any desire to fix or change it or simply not have it?"
"Can you welcome any sense that that belief belongs to you, is about you or is who you are?"
"And can you also welcome that which needs no belief to be?"
Work through this a few times and watch the belief and pattern dissolve. This is an example of the Triple Welcoming process that is taught in our retreats.

Sa voix est tout simplement apaisante (voir les téléconférences).

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