mardi 11 novembre 2014

Pourquoi se limiter?

Petit message de Hale Dwoskin sur les possibilités illimitées de chacun.


You Are Unlimited
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I want you to know that what you are right now is unlimited. Not at some future time -- not requiring any qualifiers. There's nothing you need to do and nowhere you need to go in order to be that which you already are.

And I want to encourage you very strongly, please do not believe a word I say.

It's really important for you to see that if you simply believe what you hear from any authority, you're likely to get yourself into trouble. In fact, you can probably think of things you've done in your life when someone, with absolute certainty, told you the way things were.

You believed them instead of checking to see what was true for you, and you were deeply disappointed.

And it's not just that there are disappointments when you believe someone else's truth. When you believe their perception of truth, you're substituting belief for direct experience.

For instance, you have probably heard many different variations of the statement that you are unlimited.

But let me ask you, would you rather believe you’re unlimited or would you rather know from your own direct, intuitive knowingness, without any hesitation, without any hold-back, that you are unlimited? Which would you prefer?

If you would prefer your own knowingness, if you would prefer your own direct experience, then please don’t believe a word I say. Find out for yourself. :)

Hale Dwoskin

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