mardi 6 janvier 2015

Le bonheur, c'est gratuit

Bonne année à tous!

En 2015, je vous souhaite de vous détacher des personnes et objets que vous croyez être à la source de votre bonheur...

Le premier billet de l'année de Hale va un peu plus loin:

“Non-attachment is the way to happiness. Disown all things from your heart while taking care of them. Consider them borrowed for use only. Use them with gratitude.”

-         Lester Levenson, Happiness Is Free and It’s Easier Than You Think, Book 3 of 5, Session 2

When we feel attached we are bound to the object of our attachment and it becomes the source of pain and unhappiness. The more you set yourself and everyone and everything free to simply be as it is the more you experience that joy that needs no reason to be.

All life is a gift from the One. Treat it as a gift as opposed to an entitlement and you will find your heart and life overflowing with joy and real abundance.



Hale Dwoskin

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