lundi 20 avril 2015

The Long Marriage of Mindfulness and Money

Un ami m'a envoyé cet article du Newyorker qui tisse les liens historiques entre l'Amérique des gens d'affaires et le populaire mouvement de la plein conscience (mindfulness).


Those who are bringing meditation to the American business world often hope that the practice will help workers tune into something a little more transcendent, which itself has become a cause for concern. In a recent Harvard Business Review piece, the executive coach David Brendel wrote, “Mindfulness is close to taking on cult status in the business world. But as with any rapidly growing movement—regardless of its potential benefits—there is good reason here for caution.” Brendel’s fear is that meditation might make executives too mellow and compassionate; he described one client who asked for assurance that she could embrace Buddhist meditation and still fire people. Brendel expressed hope that “mindfulness culture” will remain focussed on “optimizing work performance,” so that people can achieve “genuine happiness and fulfillment.”

L'article est ici.

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